First Responder Drone

First Responder Drone

First Responder Drone

Quadcopters are the ideal vehicles for quickly providing medical aid, supplies, visual contact and communications in emergency situations.

Using GPS, drones can autonomously fly from point A to point B, and avoid obstacles, Medical Drone Rescue Dronemeaning that trained pilots are not required.

Without modification, an off-the-shelf DJI S900 can carry a 10-pound payload of supplies.

Whether carrying medical supplies, food, water, communication devices, or any other emergency equipment or supplies, the First Responder Drone can do it fast, safely, reliably, and cheaply.

If you are serious about developing or using drones to aid in medical, rescue, or emergency situations, is the domain that immediately communicates your project and establishes confidence.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this domain.

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