The Salvia Divinorum Grower’s Guide

How to Grow Salvia Divinorum

The underground classic and complete guide to growing the plant Salvia Divinorum.

Because Salvia divinorum plants seldom set seed, this book details a nearly fail-proof propagation technique that anyone can use to grow his or her own Salvia divinorum plants.

Salvia Divinorum Growers Guide - Kindle

Salvia Growing Topics Covered Include:

  • optimum soil formulas for growing Salvia divinorum;
  • water and misting techniques that help Salvia divinorum plants grow and thrive;
  • fertilizer and nutrients for top health and maximum growth of Salvia divinorum plants;
  • common pests that feed on or attack Salvia divinorum plants, and what to do about them;
  • best pruning techniques for maximizing leaf growth;
  • troubleshooting: how to identify and respond to problems frequently encountered when growing Salvia divinorum;
  • and much more…

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In March 2015, the Salvia Divinorum Grower’s Guide was released for reading on the Kindle and all Kindle reading apps.

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Learn how to grow Salvia divinorum, now.